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Single Phase Inverter with 5KW Battery Discharge

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Planning to install Solar PV around 6KW and up to 10-13KW battery on a single-phase residential connection.


The requirement is to have an Inverter that allows 5KW discharge to feed a 3KW Hot Tub + Home Demand.


Any recommendations please,



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at 5kW your battery would last about 2 hours. Your hot tub, won't pull that much once upto temp - make sure it's well insulated.


BYD and pylontech batteries seem to offer good value packages. I like Solis hybird inverters, again good value and seem quite well made. The important thing is to buy battery and inveter as a package, you can't just mix and match the 2 components as not every inverter works with every battery. I would also ask your local DNO about how much they will let you back feed to the grid. Legally you an export form the house 16A, 3.6kW, if you go over that figure then you need permission from DNO. I've never been allowed nore than 20A approx 5kW,so for a 6kW system you will almost certainly need an inverter that can be limited to 16A. 


Have a read through the various battery posts on here, it'll save me a lot of repeat typing :^O

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