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The IDC method of cable termination

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IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection) method of terminating cables.


Found today stripping out an old redundant E7 system.




This has probably been like that for close on 50 years.


This is the off peak "pilot" signal to one of the old Electricair central blown air storage heater systems.  This cable switches a contactor inside the Electricair to turn on the heater when the tome clock says it's off peak.


The really scary thing, is this was 1mm twin & earth (with nothing connected to the CPC) running under the floor and up to the heater in it's cupboard, but there is no fusing whatsoever, so that 1mm cable would have got rather hot and bothered if a fault had developed.

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Some of the worst examples of this I find in the original Memshield and Bill Talisman boards. 

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