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Mike Oxlong

60a main fuse upgrade

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Mike Oxlong

Evening All

Ive got a residential house on a 60a cut out fuse being changed to a 6 bed HMO with 6x 8.5kw en-suite showers.
Im am waiting for a quote from the DNO about upgrading the supply from 60-100a.

I am thinking of useing 2x 3way Garo non priority sub DB's for the showers to reduce the loading so only 2x showers can be run at any one time.

I am hopeing that the DNO cable is man enough and its only a case of changing the fuse.

If not then i may go plan B and getv a quote from the DNO for a 3ph supply and do away with the 2x Garo boards.

Any one got examples of cost differences between 1ph and 3ph cable upgrades ?
Im assuming it would then be a 3ph x 100a supply or do they do a 3ph x 60a ?

Any good ideas/tips or advice very welcome

Much love



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What is the project time on this conversion? It usually takes a min of 12 weeks for arrangement of the change of supply? 
not sure independent persons will like being told when they can and can’t take a shower based on A N Others use of shower? This setup works in a large house of singular family but in a HMO? Of course this will depend upon the choice of persons living in it? 

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Single phase upgrade will cost whatever they want to charge and also take as long as they want it to take


3 phase upgrade?.....a lot more expensive and takes longer

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