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another stupid question

paul b b


Hi Chaps, what would i do with out you??

Ok, no I feel very stupid asking this so no laughing!!

A shaver socket is selv right?

is it vulnerable to ir test?

is it taken from the ring circuit?

ok there you go


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I have asked far sillier questions myself


It's useful thread that people can learn from.

It is the USP of this forum - no mocking, no ridicule. You can ask how to wire a plug and someone will help you! Admittedly the thread will then degenerate into random schizophrenic musings, but there you go.

Ask us anything :D

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OK Patch, What is the meaning of life, why are we all here, whats it all about, is there any point to it all , is there life on mars, was God an astronaut. What is the point of Big Brother ? Do you think Jennifer Aniston might marry me ?? I have an Escort Van.

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What is the meaning of life? It's a Monty Python Film.......

Why are we all here? My gf is asleep, I quite like electricity! Nowt on tele......

Whats it all about? IT is short for information technology - it's do do with computers.

Is there any point to it all? Yes

Is there life on Mars? The planet or the chocolate bar? Yes to both.

Was God an astronaut? I don't know but Reved up Sparky may know. I can PM him on your behalf?

What is the point of Big Brother? It keeps the chavs and pikies off the street.



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A: no. its seperate, but its not less than 50vac, so cant be selv. would be slv (if such a thing existed!)

b: can be IR'd, but you can only do live/neutral to earth

c: more common to take from lighting circuit, or would need FCU from ring main

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thanks again andy!!!

also on annother note,

I went to a guy today, downlighter tripping circuit, took it down (after cutting the mastic that held it up) and the cable had burned through as a result of resting on the lamp! the fitting is fire rated so no problem there, just replaced the tranny and back ok.

I was going to give a minor works but he would not let me switch off the power to do the relevent tests.

I was wondering, do you bother giving a minor works for that?

and what can you do when ther refuse to turn the power off?


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for replacing like for like, i only ever give a cert if its requested. if possible, ill do an earth loop. but thats it

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if all fine and dandy i wouldnt issue a cert. if there is a problem i would issue a MWC and note any thing i dont like, at least then you have expressed your concerns and there is a paper trail to it.

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Hi Paul.

I have UN-deleted your thread.

YOU or ANYone else should never ever feel stupid.

Well done for having the guts to ask.

No-one on here will take the Mick, Mate.

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