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2nd Yr Apprentice looking for work in Glas/Ayr/Edin


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Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone can help? My Brother has finished his 1st yr apprentice electricain at collage, however due to the down turn the company which employed him had to lay him off due to the lack of work.

He is desperate to continue in this field of work and is looking for a 2nd yr spot. He lives in the glasgow area which is 30 miles from ayr and 45 mins from edinburgh so he is very flexable, and also has his own car and full uk licence.

There is an scheme called "Adopt an Apprentice" where the goverment give companys

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Good luck to your brother

I am in SELECT (Scottish ECA) and the training officer puts in his report at the start of the meeting and metions lay offs by companies.

In previous times (> 14 months ago) there were one or two a year and by the time of the meeting the training officer found the reduntant apprentice a place.

SECTT (the training body in Scotland) actively look for places for redundant apprentices and help apprentices this way.

Times are getting harder and I am getting 3-4 calls a week from people looking for work

I assume your brother is training through SECTT.

If he is not with SECTT this may make it hard for him to get his grade card.

adopt an apprentice link

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Hi mate,

Yeah he is training through SECTT, however his training officer seems to fob him off all the time! My brother will phone him 3 times a week to see if there has been any progress on the training officer side. The training officer has said on 7 occasions that he has got him a start and its 99.9% certain that its going to happen!!! and guess what....out of the 7 times 0.1% of the time it falls through.

I personally think the training officer is stinging him along untill the new collage season starts so he can move on and take him off his books and make it someone elses problem.

He also hasnt heard a thing for SECTT of all the time he has been redundant.

He has tried to phone SECTT with no succcess and also tried to call Alan Ross, againheadbang

Thanks for the replyGuiness Drink

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