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Countdown To Christmas!


Winter Work

Blue Fox

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Well I'm building up my customer base and am slowly getting more and more work which is good. However I'm still part time which is definatly losing me jobs. Starting to produce a plan to go full time earlyish next year. I'm trying to predict income etc as targets to ensure I'm getting enough work in. But those of you who have been in the domestic market for a few years have you found any kind of drop off of work over the winter in general. I come from an industrial background where it makes no difference.

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Jan-March is slow as people pay off their credit cards from xmas spending

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I normally find it a lot slower for 4 weeks around Xmas and New year.... Also last 2 weeks of Summer holidays tend to be slow......

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Usually its a big rush before xmas to get jobs finished and then quiet for a few weeks after xmas. Also usually find being self employed you are flat out or scratching around for work never one happy medium.


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I would agree with all of the above.

It can be very unpredictable, two years ago it was very slow around Jan/Feb, this year I was mad busy but then very slow around March/April.

I sometimes find that jobs booked in for the January will sometimes be more prone to cancellation than most others.

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Evans Electric

Sorry Foxy but you can't apply a fixed criteria to how much work you may or may not have at any particular time. I think we have had this before , but its all about having contacts, who you know, and being in the right place at the right time. Also the luck of the draw when someone chooses your advert. infront of all the others or asks someone who have used you and just happens to have your card in a drawer.

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