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consumer unit change/inspection



how to you get around this?

just what been to look at a job consumer unit upgrade, gas and water is close by as its all in the cellar. bonding is 10mm to both of them so nice one. tell customer i need to test installation ie the lighting sockets etc as this is the norm upgrading the board for a EIC so access to livingroom, kitchen, upstairs rooms.

customers having non of it.

she is not having furniture moved! so in the end the kitchen is the only place she.d have inspected.

Any of you come across this??:|

what do you do

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I thought I would add this

you was asked to do a consumer unit change and the only cert for this is a electrical installation certificate ,you only need to record the necessary results you don't have to do a periodic inspection.I know some of you will walk away but I wouldn't I would just record the matter on the cert where it says comments on installation and right it down as a limitation and the reason why

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so if she wont move furniture for you to test.... how does she plug something in?!

tell her you can do the job unless testing is done.

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Revved Up Sparky

If it was my decision I would walk away. I don't think anyone should re-connect unknown unverified circuits to a new board. She might be a DIY enthusiast who has spurred lamps directly off the 32A ring main in bell wire. I visited a council house once to do a Periodic Inspection Report and the tenant was really nervous about me being in his house - I soon found out why. He kept hundreds of budgies and he had wired part of his outdoor budgie cage to the mains to deter burglars who had previously stole his birds.

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I would walk

Telling her that to do a professional job you would need access to every outlet,,if this is not possible then you would rather leave it to someone else to do the job who would be prepared to cut corners

Dont be nasty about it she may get you back

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thanks guys

her boyfriend has just rang me and asked why i have to replace sockets and switch's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello? i said nothing about replacing just inspecting, so told him what i said to her and she thought i was having to rewire basically just because i said about getting to sockets in rooms and lights.

so all cleared up and now he understands.

also the reason for an upgrade is because of the extension end of year which by sounds he would like me to look at drawings and give quote.

his girl friend thinks you can get a consumer upgrade and rewire for

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Revved Up Sparky
thanks guys

....his girl friend thinks you can get a consumer upgrade and rewire for

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was she blonde?


On a serious note I know work is hard for some but occasions like this it is best left to the cowboys.

You will get no thanks for doing it correctly and the government do not care.

All bona fidi electricians should be prescribed valium for the distress we come accross everyday.

I had a three phase machine protected by 1.5mm earth wire in the rewirable fuses. The motor on the machine was rated at 9 amp max.

They went ballistic when I removed them.

I have stopped being nice, I tell it as it is, and tell them to contact another electrician who is willing to bend the rules.

Or let me do it right.

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