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Becoming a Qualified Electrician in Scotland

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 Im currently a self employed mechanic / engineer in Scotland and I am looking at retraining to be a Electrician. 


I was looking at going down to England and sitting my C&G Level 2 + 3 diplomas (2365) , Inspection and testing (2391-52) and 18th edition ( 2382-18) 


Once I have these what work I am actually allowed to carry out and self certify in Scotland?


Im hoping to go into newbuilds and commercial work mostly. Are there any additional qualifications or Competent person schemes i need to be part of to do this work? 


Any help would be great , I just don't want to go down the line then find I am very limited to what i can actually do! 


Many thanks, Tom 



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Don’t know what the electrical qualifications requirements are for Scotland if they’re different at all, but whilst there is not a Part P requirement I do believe there is a different method for notification? @ProDave may be able to advise? 

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At the moment you don't appear to have to do anything.  I am not registered with any competent persons scheme, and on building control notifiable work, which is just things like new builds or extensions that need a building warrant anyway, you just issue an EIC for the electrical work and give a copy yo building control.  Expect building control so ask for proof of your qualifications if not registered with a competent persons scheme the first time you submit an EIC to them.


For other work that does not need a building warrant, just issue EIC or MWC to customer.  There is currently no need to notify anything aka English part P.  BUT I expect that is going to change soon, there is a lot of talk about doing something but nothing has been agreed.  Personally I expect to have retired before that becomes a requirement.


To do an EICR for a rental property, you do need to be registered with a competent persons scheme.  That is specifically written into the property rental law.  I don't do rental EICR's any more.

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