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Voltimum - Can the KEWEVSE be used with my MFT?

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Can the KEWEVSE be used with my MFT?


Yes. The KEWEVSE uses 4mm lead connections and has a 13A socket so is compatible with any MFT.

However, in the case of testing EV charge points, the adapters capabilities are limited by the functionality of the MFT being used. For example, you can use the adapter to help you carry out a 6mA RCD test, however, only if your MFT has the capacity to do so like the KT66DL does.

The KEWEVSE can be used to test a 3 phase charge point by connecting the distribution board leads on the MFT to the 4mm connections on the front of the adapter.

- Kewtech

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Our expert answers a question about the KEWEVSE from Kewtech and its compatibility with MFTs.
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