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Voltimum - Relationship repair through the Electrical Industries Charity

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A joyful but trying time for many couples is the arrival of a new baby. Richard, an electrical distributor employee, has worked within the sector for 12 years and approached the charity because his wife, Karen, was struggling after the birth of their son Harry.

Harry had been born 7 months ago and Karen has struggled with ongoing post-natal depression. Richard spoke to the charity seeking therapeutic support for Karen but in his discussion, he disclosed the impact Karen’s depression was having on their relationship.

Karen and Richard’s didn’t communicate. Karen was increasingly tearful, lacked in energy and constantly felt low – all symptoms of post-natal depression. Richard tried his best to understand Karen but whenever they did try to discuss support Karen would shut down and retreat to their bedroom. Richard felt it impossible to communicate and was in fear of worsening Karen’s depression. Richard would readily snap at Karen and he was constantly irritated. It was clear Karen and Richard needed marriage counselling to focus on their communication issues. The charity felt it important Karen undertake individual sessions as well as a couple’s session with Richard fortnightly. Karen could then focus on coping with her post- natal depression too.

Karen undertook six sessions of interpersonal therapy and a guided self-help course which the charity found online. The charity also put Karen in touch with the Association for Post Natal Illness so she could find support from other new parents. Richard and Karen also attended six relationship counselling sessions which worked on their communication strategies and armed them with tools to repair their relationship. This included safe time out spaces where they could have time away to decompress.

Karen and Richard’s relationship is not perfect. They continue to work on their marriage and attend monthly self-funded therapy sessions. Since a combination of self-help, support group and therapy Karen’s post-natal depression is improving. Karen and Harry have built a better bond which is helping her and Richard’s relationship. Although there is still work to be done both Karen and Richard understand how to communicate effectively and are committed to a brighter future.

If you need support within your relationship and would like guidance or assistance please contact the Electrical Industries Charity on 0800 652 1618 or support@electricalcharity.org

Relationship breakdown can be a huge source of stress and can understandably cause emotional turmoil for those involved. The Electrical Industries Charity want to do everything they can to support our sector members through life’s rough patches.
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