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Voltimum - NEW Consumer Unit Range from PowerBreaker – the electrical safety specialists

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As long standing members of BEAMA, the UK electrical industries leading manufacturing association, GreenBrook have always played an active role in promoting product safety and helping to drive the industry forward ensuring products are manufactured and tested to the highest standard.  

In order to ensure the high quality products you would expect from a PowerBreaker product - we have taken our time to perfect our offering and can now proudly show the new range that is easy to install and that fully complies to all the latest regulations delivering optimum safety with some great installation benefits.  GreenBrook are now the only supplier to be able to offer both Type A Consumer Units and Socket RCDs from their PowerBreaker brand.

With the recent changes to the 18th edition of the wiring regulations, PowerBreaker have created a stylish, minimalistic metal enclosure with a top hinged door that is unobtrusive whilst very functional.

Designed with the installer in mind, we have incorporated an increased area of cabling space, multiple large clear knockouts, Type A RCDs and RCBOs, Surge Protection options and a built-in spirit level.  We also offer high integrity boards.

Available in split load and pre-assembled units you can be confident of a configuration to fit any residential or small commercial environment.

Here are the features of the new range in line with the 18th Edition regulations.

Metal Enclosures

The regulations state that enclosures should be designed to encase a fire within it and restrict the fire spreading.  PowerBreaker enclosures are manufactured from non-combustible steel and comply with BS EN 61439-3.  

Lighting Circuits

The additional protection of a 30mA RCD is now required on all lighting circuits in a domestic property.   All PowerBreaker RCDs are rated 30mA and Type A.


A wide selection of 20, 25, 32mm and large oval knockouts for rear entry making the boards easy to install and adaptable for any type of installation.

Surge Protection

PowerBreaker SPD boards have built-in Type 2 surge protection devices which prevent over-voltages in electrical circuits that can potentially damage electronic equipment such as TV’s, computers, washing machines, alarms etc.  A Type 2 SPD is the main protections system for all low voltage electrical installations.  It protects against over-voltages from switching and indirect lightning strikes.  Installed in the consumer unit, it prevents the spread of over-voltages in electrical installations and protects the loads.

Type A RCDs

PowerBreaker offer Type A RCDs that detect pulsating DC residual currents in addition to the detection characteristics of Type AC RCDs.  In modern households, the goods connected to the consumer unit will be electronic equipment such as LED TV’s, multi-media systems, Laptops, EV chargers etc. which, if at fault, can cause a rush of DC current into the circuit.


PowerBreaker RCBOs are Type A and rated 6kA.  They feature Type B tripping characteristics (Instantaneous Tripping B Curve) for the protection of circuits with equipment that have low surge currents.  Our RCBO’s also offer a longer cable length to help with installation.

PowerBreaker – the safest bet

With a wealth of features together with the peace of mind of PowerBreaker quality and componentry – there really is no safer bet than to use a PowerBreaker Consumer Unit.

For further details please visit our website www.greenbrook.co.uk

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As experts in the field of circuit protection, the PowerBreaker brand has been synonymous with quality and safety for many years.  It has been a natural progression for PowerBreaker to move into Consumer Units as an extension to our market leading range of Type A RCD sockets and spurs.  
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