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I have an offer on a house which has a rayburn nouvelle which provides central heating to about 13 rads and hot water.

I know absolutely about rayburns and need to undertsand how they work, how effecient they are, and if its worth keeping.

The EPC says it could cost up to

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What fuel does the Rayburn run on?

Have you spoken to the current owners and asked then roughly what it costs them?

I think that seems an awful lot.

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ooh I see you are new. Welcome :D

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Cheers for the welcome.

The current oner has quoted about

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they look great in the right seting but not an efficient piece.


tech is here

i would contact them direct for facts and figures, possible ways to increase the efficiency would be to add control etc,lagg pipework and insulate the cylinder etc.

add a heat leak and add a zone valve to the hot water for part L ie: 60 degrees ..

other options is to add a gas boiler to the system and link them together and duel heat the property.

fitting instructions here

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We have an oil fired Esse range which costs a small fortune to run. No gas out here!

I also have to do all repairs and servicing myself as no-one will:

a: Travel out here

b: Touch the thing anyway.

None of them understand it anyway, even though it runs a fairly modern pressure jet burner (unlike the older Aga/Rayburns that I believe used a wick?)

It also suffers from a cold stack, which is not helped by the on/off nature of the firing!

In the summer we decommission and switch to economy seven water heating. To run it throughout the warmer months would be ridiculous... We are also having a stove installed (wood) to supplement heating and reduce costs, and for full heating in the Autumn/Spring.

Having said all this, you should be ok with your gas fired Rayburn - as long as you are on mains gas!

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