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can you cert my builders work !!!


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hehe classic,

i have just had a lady call me and ask if i would certify the work her builders electrician has just completed,

apparently he is not in a scheme and told her to look in the yellow pages as any electrican will cert the work and notify it . :)

when i told her the true story you could of heard a pin drop.. she then said what do i do then ???

i told her to ring the local council and speak to building control, supply the electricans name and go from there.... she was very ANGRY !!!!!

oh dear .. did i do right ???? to right i did .. :)

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I did get asked by a NIC member (but not part P reg) to sign off his extension he wired himself. I reminded him its self certification and he was very apologetic. Told him to supply a cert to BC as they would be signing off the rest of the building work anyway as he had permission to do it.

Even some of "us" do not fully understand, what hope do the public have?

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get a call like that every few weeks, although its normally from someone whos sparky 'has got AWOL' and didnt get certify it or give paperwork.... or more commonly known as DIY.... and then there is the odd person who is the same as OP

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I have had a cal from my local building officer to ask if I would go in to a job and check it out and sign it off!

Its a commercial not domestic but the sparkie has lost money on the job and looks like he will not be comming back, its due to open in september so they are pushing for it.

The fire safety officer has condemed the fire alarm system and the emergency lighting arrangements

A quick r1+r2 at one of the mid point (in the building) gave me a reading of 0.58 on the sockets, and there are only 6 on the circuit, wired in 2.5 and yards away from the cu.

They want another 20 sockets on that circuit for a pc room, just think what the continuity would be then!

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Fair play to you JL (i'd have gone along to see what the installation was like ]:) )

I have a lad near me who has today taken possession of his new sign written van & set up on his own after the contractor he was with went under. Unfortunately he only has 17th ed as he is still at college doing 2330 & no part P either....so on the back end of his moto I spy a small sign

"All my work is tested & registered for part P by ****"

So another electrician is signing off his notifiable work....bending of the rules ?

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Are you following me around???

I've just been to one like this today,,

Builder done a garage conversion (bedroom & ensuite) and a conservatory..

he got a plumber in to do the wet work and did the electrics himself -----then did a runner!!!!!

Well the electrics are appalling,,, open jb's in loft (next to loft light switch!) with sleeving and earths cut well back, tilt downlights in en-suite, no extractor fan in en-suite, no supp bonding, no RCD protection, no earth on conservatory & bedroom sockets, no grommets & sheaths stripped back out of sight! and no earth sleeving..... I'm sure there's more

That's what he did,, here's what he missed with the existing installation...

Water PEB wrapped & taped (yes PVC tape) to the water mains!! and loose clamp on the gas main!!


like a good boy I told them that I can't fix it and then sign off someone elses work and that they'd have to get building control involved... I think that would be a good idea anyway as he's also covered over an inspection chamber!! and the path outside is only just below DPC..

They then asked me how much to sort it out???

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nice 1 m8, this is the only way forward i think for us all to say NO. i know we will be losing potential work .. but the word will get around quickley so your work should double over the coming years.

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