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Countdown To Christmas!


Some Advice needed :)


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Hello ,

Ive recently joined the forum and would like to say ive found it very friendley and useful .

I have had a search but have a few outstanding questions .

Ok , I am due to start my C and G level 2 2330 on the 14th september but as i am over 25 i think the apprentice window has closed for me . My next step was to send letters to Electrical companies in the Nottingham area looking for somebody to take me on - say one or 2 days a week . Minimum wage would not be a problem as Tax credits would make them up .Its the ''site experience'' im looking for to be honest .

Would it be best to do this in 3 month , When i know some more about the electrical indudtry ?

I have read some of the forum topics and its came across that sparkys are struggling for work , is this true ?

Thanks for your help in advance and PM's also welcome ,


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Hello ,

Ive recently joined the forum and would like to say ive found it very friendley and useful . ......

Thats good to hear!Guiness Drink

.....I have read some of the forum topics and its came across that sparkys are struggling for work , is this true ?


Hello David...

re Electricians and workload, the thing is Some are very quiet, some are still ticking over and others have work in abundance!! not easy to give a definitive Yes or No.... best thing is for you to consider the type of market you would be looking for to "sell your skills" and try to get into...

1/ We are in a recession so overall things are generally quieter for ALL business NOT just electrical!

2/ Electrical work could be considered as various categories:

a/ Domestic... Homeowners probably only doing essential works and or using DIY or friends to do jobs.

those that do employ qualified tradesmen, 90%+ would be calling traders they have used before or word of mouth recommendation...

So it would be harder to get established in the current climate.

b/ Building - new build & large projects... again at lot of new build work will be quiet at the moment, but large firms contracting or employing electricians for this sort of work, may be looking at cutting their overheads costs.. such as using less skilled trainee labour for the basic cable pulling donkey work and only employing the more skilled, (& expensive) persons for testing, commissioning and signing jobs off!

Would need a lot of door knocking around larger firms.

c/ Industrial maintenace... some types of work MUST be done whether in recession or not in order to keep factory machines running, essential services such as hospitals, council obligations or anywhere that Health & safety obligations warrant prompt remedial work etc, etc... so persons involved with maintenance works would still have regular work load, tho these are more skilled and qualified positions.

d/ Urgent fault finding domestic / small commercial, unplanned maintenace... often homeowners and or small business may not have a regular electrician to contact, this work very unpredictable, but once established and have reasonable advertising, you stand as good a chance as any other company to get into this type of work, (it can be quite lucrative,,, unsociable hours pay rates etc..)

The above list is by no means exhaustive... but I think it may just highlight how difficult it is to give a broad cover all answer as to whether electrical work is quite or busy at the moment...


I am comfortably ticking over with sufficient work, but have now been trading self employed for ten & half years.. so I have a reasonable existing customer base and new word of mouth recommendations business coming in as well as responses to my advertising.

well thats my tuppence worth!:|:)

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Thanks for your post , its helped me out with issue.

The work is still about , but like you say - there is a recession and its going to be harder to find . Ill still send letters to companies to see if they can give me a day or 2 of work but ill concentrate on my 2330 course for the moment .

Thanks again


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