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Chuck U Farley

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Hello one and all, introducing myself from the West Midlands.

Getting close to 40, been self-employed for 18 years, arrived here via my "real" job which is the provision of AV/Sound & lighting for all manner of professional applications from conferences to village fetes, via the odd nightclub install. Obviously, the juice which makes these things all possible is pretty important, so over the years I scraped together the know-how to circumvent stroppy unhelpful in-house sparkies without compromising the show or safety.

Know-how is one thing, but the only thing that circumvents self-important officials wielding clipboards and Risk Assessments are qualifications on paper, so five or six years ago I bit the bullet and sat through long days at college alongside bored 16 yr olds, and then long evenings with bored 45 yr olds to sit my City & Guilds 2360 parts 1 & 2. Followed it up with 2381 and 2391, and even 2377 (the hardest part of that one was listening to the lecturer trying to pad the course out to fill the allotted day and a half. Excruciating!) I actually enjoy doing these courses and learning more, can't get enough, why wasn't I so interested when I was at school?

My brother is a real sparks, (according to him), house basher extraordinaire, and he's allowed a 'tard like me to assist from time to time, some hands-on experience when I'm not trifling with silly little things like temporary supplies to festivals or rewiring nightclubs from scratch. He's good to me isn't he?

Domestic stuff isn't my cup of tea really, but it certainly helps when things are quiet elsewhere, so much so that I'm seriously thinking of changing direction. There's gold in them thar hills........

From what I've seen there's plenty of useful info here, without the self-righteous back-slapping clique found on certain other boards. I hope I'll be able to contribute something worthwhile now and again.

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Hello and welcome :D

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