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bs7671 cert



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nice one. trying to get this straight now, until i register which will be 6 weeks by the looks of it i can do minor works and give the customer one of these certs, and if its major i just get boc to sign it off

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so copy for my self for the assessor to see copy for labc and customer.

the prob i have is befor i can register i need to do a major and minor job

have labc see the major and have a bs7671 cert for the minor

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LABC never saw my job. They just took my 115 quid and sent me a complecion notice once I had told them I finished and supplied a cert.

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You may want to check another wholesaler as CEF can be overpriced.

You WILL need to fill out an EIC to give to LABC. They may send a sparks round to check but I would not be surprised if that was an additional charge too (not a 5 min job to inspect and test a CU change).

They shouldn't charge for the testing

1.26 Building control bodies will carry out the necessary inspection and testing at their expense not at the householder's expense.


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True but 99.9999999999% of BC officers will not have a clue when it comes to lekky so they "outsource" it.

Oh yes but the document clearly states that they have to pay!


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i found tlc the cheapest for certificates and are the green NIC EIC so will gain you some browny points with assessor and experience with filling them out coz have alot more detail than the standard certs.

heres the links for them:

MWC- http://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/BK17M10.html

EIC- http://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/BK17D10.html

this books worth buying too


hope this helps, sounds like im in the same sort of boat as you, trying to get a couple of jobs sorted for NICEIC. good luck

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