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Voltimum - Electrika celebrates its 25th Birthday!

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Electrika is a software company dedicated to producing the highest quality e-catalogues for manufacturers and the best possible estimating and ordering tools for electrical contractors, wholesalers and specifiers.

Electrika's free estimating tool provides electrical contractors with up to date UK trade prices from leading manufacturers. Their software makes it simple to create estimates and quotations, anywhere on any device. Then you export the quotes to PDFs to send to potential clients with your own branding.

There are several great features which differentiate Electrika's estimating software:

  • Powerful product search with auto-suggest search
  • Built in CRM and Product Management that allows adding customers, suppliers, etc. to your project and track their engagement.
  • Although the Electrika platform already has hundreds of thousands of products within its database, you may wish to import your own. Once imported you can easily manage the data in your local database.
  • Quickly add frequently used and associated parts with the kit manager. Kits can contain any number of parts and be broken up and reassembled to suit your requirements.
  • Electrika gives you the power to customise and create professional looking reports for external contacts such as quotes, purchase orders and invoices, or with detailed breakdowns for internal purposes.

Their e-catalogue service allows users to easily browse products across catalogues from the UK and Europe’s top manufacturers; available to all users on the website and integrated with Electrika for desktop and Cloud.

Having managed businesses data for 25 years, Electrika recently used this expertise to build OneTimePIM. OneTimePIM is the most powerful and easy-to-use PIM System on the market. Electrika understand that companies can struggle with their product data and may not have the resources to manage it in-house so they offer free setup, training and support to help your business increase productivity.

Product Information Management Systems act as a single source of truth for your product data. This means you only have to input all of your data into the PIM system and edit it there. Then it can be exported or connected to where ever it is need, such as an e-commerce website or a wholesaler. This saves countless hours and avoids mistakes caused by using alternative methods like spreadsheets for product data. It also automates many other processes like product data sheets.

Please feel free to visit their website at www.onetimepim.com for more information! They are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you find solutions to your product data problems!

Despite growing to tens of thousands of users over the last few decades, Electrika still maintains the excellent standard of support that it has always prided itself in.

Find out more at: https://www.electrika.com/

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Electrika was started in September 1996, meaning it just celebrated its 25th birthday last month! Plenty has changed since using floppy disks in 1996, but Electrika have always provided excellent free estimating software for electrical contractors.
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