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Voltimum - JTL launches free bite-size course on Smart Lighting

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Part of JTL’s Power Up series – an initiative designed to further support the building services engineering sector by offering free advice and educational resources – the course is intended to help both apprentices and qualified electricians identify the best methods for the practical installation of smart lighting systems. As part of this course, learners will gain an understanding of the different components of smart lighting systems, how they work and how they can be controlled via the use of a smart meter or tablet.


This course also explores the standards and definitions required for safe installation of Smart Lighting systems, as well as how learners can apply the open system protocols of KNX during practical installations. Designed to take a minimum of 30 minutes to complete, the course has been produced to facilitate the learner’s journey towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and improve workplace competency.


Liam Sammon, Director of Learning and Innovation at JTL, said: “We’re delighted to be able to add to our Power Up series with this latest, bite-size course on Smart Lighting. As a leading electrical training provider, JTL is committed to providing electricians with a comprehensive set of resources and believe that this course will equip learners with the skills needed for their continuing professional development, as well as to help maintain workplace competency.


“In its emphasis on installation and the components of smart lighting systems, this course makes for an excellent supplement to some of JTL’s other Power Up courses, such as our ‘Inspection and Testing’ and ‘Smarter Homes’ modules. Our latest course, along with the others in JTL’s Power Up series, can be accessed via mobile, tablet or desktop, meaning that participants can complete the course wherever and at whatever pace or time suits them.”


The introduction to Smart Lighting bite-size digital course is now available on JTL’s new online learning portal. For more information on Power Up and to access the full suite of Toolbox resources, including business tips, technical advice and industry news, visit https://www.jtltraining.com/toolbox/powerup/.

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Leading not-for-profit training provider, JTL is continuing to support the professional development of electricians with the launch of its latest, free bite-size digital course, ‘An Introduction to Smart Lighting.’
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