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down light above shower



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Always glass fronted IP65 for me...

There's a building reg that says you must not allow moist air to enter ceiling voids and roof spaces.........

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Standard zones...

e.g. pictures page 168/9 of big red

if you have sufficient height & you are outside of zone1 ...

and you are not hosing or jet washing down the ceiling..

then mains fitting can be used if you so wished...

need RCD protection 701.411.3.3 pg 166.

You also need to consider external influences of steam & condensation....

how bigs the room?


fans / windows etc..

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screw fix sell ip44 that say jet proof,

i thought jet proof was at least 5

"second digit '5' that is"Applaud Smiley:D

first digit '4' solid objects 1.0mm DIA

second digit '4' splashing water

as you say Tom1.. '5' is water jets!!


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nice SL. i just wondered if everyone would jump on the zone 1 wagon.

Applaud Smiley

as you know i've not done domestic for ever and but from when i did i'm just trying to remember the requirements.

glass fronted only gu10's was summat we did back then too?

so voltage can still be 240 if above zone 1 height?

any fire rating needed?

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i wonder if u can get ip x5, dont see how they could make it so that water could not get in but your finger could:D


It would have to be.. IP 56 dust protected & water jets

or IP66 dust tight & water jets at a guess!?:)?:|

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sometimes my girlfriend is ip 56 :_|

Toooooo much information there Tom!!:o


Guiness DrinkGuiness DrinkGuiness DrinkGuiness Drink

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I now use fire rated as standard - not only for the ceiling`s fire rating, but also prevents people stoving stuff around your lamp, causing overheating & possible fire in the loft.



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sorry i just dont know were that line is till i cross it :D:D:D

Maybe start with IP 2X...

the jointed test finger although penetrates cannot access hazardous parts...

then work towards...

IP 1X...

object probe less than 50mm diameter can penetrate!!!

as I dont think we are too worried about the ingress of water???


ooppps!!! to much

Guiness DrinkGuiness DrinkGuiness DrinkGuiness DrinkGuiness Drink

better apologise before Admin2 spots the thread!Blushing:|:x


tom was leading me astray honest!!!:pBlushing

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