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Countdown To Christmas!


What a crappy day!


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Got asked to wire a Y plan today - never done one before :o

Was told the wiring was in and there was a control centre - simple I thought - couple of hours maybe.

Got there, only wires that were in was the 3 port and a 3 core from the cylinder stat! headbang

I hadn't got any 4 core with me :(

The 3 port and "control centre" were danfoss - Give me honeywell any day! Applaud Smiley

The control centre wasn't a proper control centre, just a terminal strip - cheapskates! X(

I wired it all (in 3 core - had to double up on cables to give me the extra core) - one mistake I made (which I knew I had) was L1 and L2 reversed on the cylinder stat. Pray

The other mistake I made was to wire the pump from the "control centre" - so it had no overrun :(

After I had rewired the boiler and pump to give me over run I fired it back up and it worked!! :^O

Only took me 6 hours in total! :coat

Definately learnt how to do them better and quicker! Applaud Smiley


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So long as you learn from mistakes and no one was hurt its not a bad thing :)

AndyGuiness Drink

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Evans Electric

We live and learn Oracle, thats how it is . Next one will be easier.

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Learning is a process better done in the real world.

You will go to bed tonight and think of this and a very strange dream will take placeROTFWL

I now use quick fit connectors like the Wago ones for doing Y plans and the like, or I get the honeywell connection blocks which is just a 10 block choc block. Never liked them and never will.

The main problem that people have is they look at it as being complicated when in fact it is very basic, do two in one day and the third you should be able to do with your eyes closed.( NO peeping).

Honestly you will now be able to do them no problem.

As the advert goes "simples"

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