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I have a job to do where I have to replace a 24 way Three Phase Dis Board, it is in an acidic enviroment that rust everything, and destroys plastic, the only thing we have found that resists the enviroment are GRP enlosures.

Does anyone know of a distribution board made of GRP ?

My other idea is to use metal boards but enclose them in a GRP enclosure, but the only concern I have about this option is will there be a heat build up that effectively de rates the boards ?

Your views would be appreciated.

The boards being replaced are a real mess completely rusted through and only five years old.

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i take it ... i good smack with somthing and it brakes? how do you go on drilling it ? is it just like plastic?

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Went with a GRP one from Merlin Gerin in the end, and am having a mesh cage put over it to protect it mechanically.

Got any pictures of the finished job to post on the forum?:|:x

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It is quite strong just it is in an area where fork lifts are working, would normally use metal but the atmosphere is acidic and makes metal rot like crazy, the board being replaced is rotted right through.

The GRP stands up very well to the acidic enviroment, other plastics don't, I clipped some wires to tray with standard plastic cable ties and two days later all the ties fell off !! I use stainless steel ones now.

Thes cage being made is being plastic coated, so we are hoping it won't rust :)

GRP is fine to work with, much like other forms of plastic.

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That reminds me I will have to post some pics of my shamless work (cough) I mean blue collar contracts

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