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Scope of Periodic


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I have to carry out a Periodic in a large production plant, which is coming up for 17 years old, checked the previous periodic reports and on every occasion they have taken all of the mains wiring within the control system out of scope. When we do controls work we all ways test the mains wiring within our control system.

The customer wants to take it out of scope again, but even taking a quick look over it, it is not in a great state.

My feeling is that we should bring it in to scope for this inspection, what do you guys think ?, it is going to be a hard job but I know the plant well enough to carry out a meaningful test.

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Just do it the way that they say, if anything happens to the control wiring then there is no come back on you as its a set limitation.

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It is ultimately a mutual agreement of scope between the client & contractor..

If the customer does not want you to inspect or test some parts of the installation, you cannot force them to allow you to OR pay you for it...

But IMHO if the competent person feels untested parts are a danger to the rest of the installation you can note it as Unsatisfactory on your PIR report giving reasons.

either that or don't do the PIR leave someone to sort it!


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do as the customer asks and note it in the limitations

but if think that their is a danger to someone tell the owner your worries and also note this on your cert in the comments section

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