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combi drill or drill driver???????????


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what do you want it for? What have you already got?

You need a different tool for doing up a few screws to drilling into masonry.

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there is a link of mine on here to an AEG Drill, Li-on 18v

BARGAIN drill!!!

infact here


Bargian for what it is with 3 year warrenty, and the name, people may not like it, people might. But one tool i dont own,and will never own is dewalt!

AEG = Milwake

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just need a good solid unit got all bits, etc, etc

Personally I think it's a case of horses for courses and there is no such thing that will do everything well.

Now a heavy combi drill will drill holes into masonry but you'll tire quickly using it for light screwing (oo er matron).

Personally I have an 18V Dewalt combi drill that has hammer action and is good for drilling bigger holes and heavy screwing - it has torque settings but gets tiring. I have a Dewalt 12V that I use exclusively as a screwdriver and it's light and easy to use. I also have a Ryobi drill and impact driver that I use for pilot holes and heavier screwing respectively. I wouldn't miss the Ryobi combi drill but the other 3 have definite jobs. If you want something for screwing the 10V Bosch range looks good - if I had spare money I would treat myself.

I imagine this thread is short of answers because you don't say what you want it for!

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I have the Makita LXT 202 kit. You get 18v drill which is a nice unit and can put a 20mm hole (auger) in a joist no problem. You also get the 18v impact driver which is right tool. Love them both. You also get 2 3Ah batts and charger.

The even better thing about this kit is that there are a full range of tools available for the same batts. So, for example when I get some more dollar I will get the 18v sds unit which costs

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I have both the nano driver and nano drill driver from dewalt. I got the driver after using the drill driver (that I had to buy on the spot cos my dewalt 14.4v driver decided to pack up when installing my Nan's new kitchen) for a few days and driving screws, it would seem the hammer was never completely disabled.

The nano are much lighter than the other 18V batts (as I have a fair few 18V dewalt tools) and last a long time. One wierd thing is they do not slow down like nicd or nmhd, they just stop so first time I thought the drill was busted.

Got the hammer drill driver on a special from y local tool shop with 2 batts and charger so was not bad. Have a 24V cordless sds for holes in concrete anyway (and a bigger one for bigger holes ;) ).

As said above, what do you want to use it for and have you already got dewalt tools? Dewalt are not as good as Elu was after BD bought them but they are still very good imho.


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