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5 week wonders

I am one of the following  

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  1. 1. I am one of the following

    • 5 week wonder
    • time served
    • time served self certifying
    • self certifying other, plumber etc, please specify
    • interested other, diyer etc, please specify
    • something else, please explain

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Hi did you complete the NVQ 3 at the end of your 2330?

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Hi served my time as it used to be called with a local company. The company was affiliated with EITB ,you had to fill out what was called log book and prove that various skill sets had been covered very similar to the NVQ system, ever few month a phase test /trade test was undertaken if you failed these test you would not gain your EITB module.(first year training certificate,certificate of engineering craftsmanship J02 and J22 ,certificate of endorsement G04)

While this was going on at work I attended college on day release for the four years of my indentured apprenticeship.(C+G 200E.231 Part 1,2+3).

I was made redundant 3 months after my apprenticeship ended and I have only claimed benefits for about 3 months since I started work in 1974.

Lot of other course attended Siemens s5, Ford motor company course basic digital ,abrasive wheel power press regs pneumatic hydraulics multiskilling to name but a few.

One thing I allways rember is that no task is that important that time cannot be taken to perform it correctly and safely .

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Bringing a old thread back to life,

When I was younger parents refurbed a derelict house (after we moved in) farther and son sparkles did all the electrical work seemed to go on for ages as building work was slow, I was always interested in electrics, I can't remember this but apparently I had a few days off school helping farther spark pull cables while son was off, all this aged about 9.

Aged about 12 helped same sparkles do 2 rewired in summer holidays, was my job to remove old round pin plugs off customers appliances and fit 13a plugs, along with other stuff

Farther spark offered be a apprenticeship when I was 16.

But at 15 went on work experience at local garage then took Saturday job there, 16 came he couldn't give me full time job so work and trained to become a mechanic at his brother in laws,

19 finished nvq in mechanics changed job, went to main dealership and with in 6 months manger signed me up to do master technicians course.

Did that training over 12 months, did little mechanical work, mainly electrical faults module programming etc. 4 years ago started to get fed up with motor trade and yes did some short courses!

Signed up with elecsa, built a small customer base up over a year, left motr dealership and went as a sole trader!

Never looked back.

Time served sparks knock people like me and I guess I can't blame them, I have always had a good understanding of electrics and to be honest it was the building regs part I needed to learn, I know I don't have lots of experience but I take great pride in what I do and keen to learn

Rant over

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