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    1. Talk Electrician Forums Welcomes You

      Please Read before Registering & posting. Includes 'How to' sections, Terms and a Poll / Survey & more.

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      380 topics
    2. Introduce Yourself

      Please take a moment and Introduce yourself in here

      18,127 posts
      2,033 topics
    3. TEF Forum and Industry News...

      Electrician Forum and Industry news and updates will be posted here

      14,488 posts
      13,622 topics
    4. Competitions Forum

      This forum is to be used for competitions (either by our sponsors or by our actual forum itself).

      725 posts
      42 topics
    5. KNOWLEDGEBASE AREA - Pain Free Forum & Electrical Help

      All New and updated KB articles will be posted in here.

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      49 topics
    6. Forum Support

      Welcome - if you need any support with anything to do with the forum, including iPhone and Android support - Please post them in this forum.

      1,387 posts
      157 topics
    1. Electrician's & Electrical Jobs & Apprenticeships.

      Looking for a Job? Electrician, Electrician's Mate, Electrical Improver, Apprenticeships, All this and more, can be found in this Forum.

      4,131 posts
      891 topics
    2. 128,216 posts
      8,913 topics
    3. Electrician Talk Forum

      General area for Sparky Chat. Includes Domestic, Commercial & Industrial electrical talk forums - chat.

      100,764 posts
      6,455 topics
    4. General Chat Area

      Chat about anything Non - Electrical in here.

      78,215 posts
      4,829 topics
    5. Electrical Inspection & Testing Forum.

      Talk anything testing & Inspection related in this forum.

      21,691 posts
      1,389 topics
    6. Central Heating Forum & Storage heaters Forums - Forum, Including ELECTRICAL

      All things Heating & Storage heaters Related - Boilers, thermostats, the lot.

      6,519 posts
      615 topics
    7. Part P competent person self-certification schemes Forum

      Questions & advice about Enrollment, Assessment, Membership etc.. of organisations authorised for notification of Part P Building Regulations compliance (NICEIC, NAPIT, ECA, ELECSA, BSI, SELECT)

      3,146 posts
      177 topics
    8. Student & Learning Zone - City & Guilds

      Essential Forum for electrical training and those training to become an electrician. Educational, From Electrical Courses to Questions/help on becoming an Electrician. And 16th & 17th Edition info & Resouces etc..

      16,463 posts
      1,586 topics
    9. WhiteGoods Help & Advice Forum (White Goods)...

      Do you need any help or advice with your whitegoods? Whether it be a Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, Dishwasher, Cooking Appliance (Cooker, Stove, Hob, Oven, Microwave or hoods), washing machine advice forum, Then please post your query/look for an answer in this forum...

      1,251 posts
      126 topics
    10. Your Pictures

      Add your pictures in here. Whether they are funny or serious. * KEEP THEM CLEAN **

      13,451 posts
      1,010 topics
    11. Home Cinema, Multiroom Audio & Home Automation Forum

      Please post any Questions etc, regarding Home Cinema, Multiroom Audio & Home Automation, in this forum Please.

      874 posts
      67 topics
    12. Scams, General Warnings and Nuisance Phone Calls Forum

      Please use this forum if you have GENUINELY received annoying calls or phone calls, tried to be scammed, or have a general warning - you wish to let our members and the public know about. WARNING: This forum is NOT to be used for revenge or vandettas. If you or your company are listed in here, and you feel it is unjust - Please use the "Contact Us" section to e-mail the forum administrator.

      662 posts
      61 topics
    13. Items For Sale & Wanted

      Please list all items that you have for sale in this forum.

      1,535 posts
      215 topics
    14. Computers & Networking Forum (inc Telephones)

      Ask / Talk about things that are PC & Networking related in our Computers and Networking Forums (PC Forums).

      10,603 posts
      720 topics
    15. Television & Satellite Forum (TV aerials Digital, Freeview, Satallite and Cable, F Type plugs) H

      A thread for Help on The above topics Useful Links, Help & Advice Television and Satellite Forums.

      1,833 posts
      135 topics
    16. CCTV Forum, Intruder (burglar) Alarms Forum & Fire Alarms Forum

      Area for CCTV, (Security), Intruder & Fire Alarms forums, help & Advice.

      5,028 posts
      548 topics
    17. 1,014 posts
      108 topics
    18. POLL Forum

      If you decide you want to do a 'Poll', No matter what the topic - Please use THIS Forum. Thank You.

      3,759 posts
      152 topics
    19. The Jokes Thread.

      By Request, this Jokes thread has been added.

      6,428 posts
      1,085 topics
    20. Supporting TEF

      Donations via PayPal to help with the running of the forum are Voluntary.

      172 posts
      22 topics
    1. MCS Registration, Green Deal, FITs and RHI, G83, G59 and Green Industry News

      Discussion on the Green Deal, MCS Requirements, Feed In Tarrifs and the Renewable Heat Incentive. Information and links from RECC (REAL) and the DECC. G83 and G59 Submissions.

      509 posts
      228 topics
    2. Solar PV Forum

      Photovoltaic / Solar Panels Forum. Questions and Answers relating to Solar PV, Photovoltaic & Green Energy in this forum, including feed-in tariffs, inverters, panels, calculations, schematics, installation, maintenance & fault finding.

      4,277 posts
      364 topics
    3. Solar Thermal Forum

      Discuss free water heating by harnessing the suns energy using solar thermal collectors.

      164 posts
      6 topics
    4. Hydro Electric Power

      Discuss electricity generation using water powering turbines and archimedes screws. Fixed flow or variable flow with active regen variable speed drives.

      16 posts
      3 topics
    5. Wind Turbines

      Generate electricity at home with small-scale wind turbines. Discuss large scale wind turbines .Wind turbines harness the power of the wind and use it to generate electricity.

      28 posts
      4 topics
    6. Green Home Energy

      All things to reduce your electric bill at home including LED Lighting, Solar Boost Immersion Controllers, Cavity Wall Insulation and more.

      107 posts
      10 topics
    7. Other Green Energy

      Discuss other forms of green energy including Bio Mass Boilers, Wood Chip Boilers, Heat Pumps.

      203 posts
      12 topics
    1. Directory of UK Qualified Electricians & Electrical Contractors - Find your local electrician.

      Find your local Electrican or Electrical Contractor in Here. Electricians in ...Electricians Advertise here Completely FREE...

      187 posts
      2 topics
    2. Directory of UK Colleges (Electrical Installation Course)

      Find or Add a UK College from our 150+ listed colleges that offer the following Electrical Intallation Courses: City & Guilds (C&G) 2330, 2377, 2382, 2391, 2392 Courses near to you... (this list is not exhaustive).

      160 posts
      1 topic
    1. Ask The Vet - Forum : FREE Help and Advice...

      Have any questions regarding your pets/animals? Ask our resident vet 'Apache' who will be happy to discuss any problems or queries with you. Please Read his Disclaimer FIRST.

      2,617 posts
      256 topics
    2. Plumbing & Central Heating - Forum: FREE Help and Advice...

      Any questions regarding Plumbing or Central Heating controls? Our electricians/plumbers will be happy to discuss any problems or queries about Thermostats, Valves, Pumps, Programmers etc with you. A special Thank you to a great man - the late, JL-Heating, For everything he did in making the Plumbing forum the huge success it is today. Thank you John, RIP.

      2,704 posts
      241 topics
    1. Welcome to "Your Reviews" - Please Read...

      A warm Welcome to "Your Reviews", brought to you by talk.electricianforum.co.uk. Please read this thread before posting your own personal review.

      25 posts
      10 topics
    2. Your Personal Reviews

      This Subforum is for your rating of Products and to write your FACTUAL Review of Testers, Hand tools, Drills, Books, CCUs or whatever you think will benefit others.

      1,194 posts
      111 topics
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