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    • kerching
      By kerching
      Caravanners and Camp Vanners have flags adorning their tin boxes...and now they have started having LED lights mounted on poles like huge CB aerials?
      Tim Whattcnot ( recently sacked floopy hat wearing gobshite of Bargain Hunt) says "wiped its face, no,profit, no loss" when an item sells for what they bought it for? They have to pay commission so it is a LOSS TW@!
      People wear wigs...( medical conditions excepted.....slapheadedness does not count)
      Invoices rarely arrive priced correctly....it is always in suppliers favour!
      Irrelevant incidental background sounds have to be added to broadcasts!....something the other day ahd a ticking in the background....no,relevance at all,to,the story
      We waste millions of pounds in energy to broadcast the pregnant silent pauses when announcing Voting Results...as if it mattered
      People whine whinge and moan about irrelevant things
    • kerching
      By kerching
      A client of mine has three of these little devils.
      How can you tell when the battery needs charging?...other than waiting for the screen to die and the heating not to work?
      Instruction manual shows a battery symbol at about 9 oclock on the screen. However we cannot actually get this to appear on the screen!
      He has charged each of the units from his laptop for 8 hours each as recommended.
      they had been in 12 months before he was given the manuals for them, all worked for the whole time. So he read the book and this is when he saw about recharging them.
      Everything seems to work BUT never seen a battery symbol!
      Any clues?
    • kerching
      By kerching
      So I have just seen some of this on breakfast TV.
      How much is this costing and who is paying for it?
      Just waiting for a "available in weekly installments mag" to come out.
      'Build your own RIII skeleton in loads of weekly parts. Part one with free pop up Car Park sign, yours to own and keep forever'
      I just think that there may possibly be a few more important things to spend the money on!
      Just saying
    • kerching
      By kerching
      So new tumble dryer arrives. Needs a vent hole, never bothered with the old,one as it did not produce enough humidity to bother about.
      Out with the hole saw, start drilling. Plasterboard, celotex,plaster, single course of common...no problem.
      Across the cavity into the Accrington. Now my Accys are a specisl , now deleted, brick. Called rockface or NORI sculpture. I managed to get one of the blue ones!....similar to,staffy blues. Took all the teeth off the core bit about 15mm from breakthrough. Finished off with big bar and twatting stick.

      Decided for neatness to recess the colour of the 4" pipe into wall to make it flush. But i need to widen hole by about 10mm through plasterboard and celotex, but how?
      Brainwave time. Find holesaw same size as existing hole, use as pilot drill inside bigger holesaw same size as the collar. Same as the Starret oops adaptor
      Thread not long enough to hold two blades....plan two
      The saw blades have holes in them that line up, so a bit of nut and bolting and we have a solution that worked better than expected

      Then fit the new 'pilot drill/saw'

      Hole finished, wife happy as can be expected, brownie points earned

This Months Pe Mag, Very Informative


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So I eagerly opened my PE Mag....the VOICE of the trade

Page 37 there is an article on HOW to fit a "D Box?"........choc box variant. A masterclass by one of their guys

No CPC sleeving...yeah, alright, I know it should be geen sleeve

Insulation cut short and bare conductors showing

And this is HOW to do it. Soooooooo if these can be taken as MIs ( they have after all come from the manufacturers AND they are INSTRUCTIONS) then who are we to argue?..

Just noticing

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Where are the norks, I came here for norks!

There are no norks in pe magazine only dorks!


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It is the product of a furtive mind....and she is on 4+1 NOW

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