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AM2 steel conduit help

j a p

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Hi, I've got my am2 exam on monday but am still not that confident on the 20mm steel conduit part of the install. Is it expected to be carried out in one piece? Is it worth fitting a coupler to split it into two?

Going to have a practice at it this weekend but am not sure whether to just practice by adding the coupler in?

Also anyone know the measurements for the exam?

any help would be ace.

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Cant remember the measurements, but add a coupler in. It looses one mark, but its a savour if your not 100% confident with back to back bends, as you loose all marks for the conduit if you need another peice.

As a guide, I'd say it goes up about 1meter then turns left to track the back wall for about 25cm and turns back towards you with about another 25cm's to the bulkhead.

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you should aim to get it in one go, but you can add a coupler if it doesnt fit (i had to, marked conduit from wrong mark so it was 1cm too long between bends)

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Cheers, yea i've loosely put a couple of saddles up in my garage similar to the am2 job and have had some practice at it, going ok. I'm fine when adding the coupler in but it is difficult getting the back to back bends perfect in one piece especially as i am not used to the conduit bender i'm borrowing. using the college benders i believe you can use a set square against the former to get the outside edge of the bend?

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Yes, along with a pencil and a length of conduit thats about 300mm long and the same circumference as the conduit you are bending.

AndyGuiness Drink

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i did the conduit today on my AM2 exam but was just going from the picture or the completed board and didnt put the back to back bend in, the conduit still fit in place and went into the hole in the trunking and met up with fitting fine but now scared i may fail because of it!

anyone got any ideas? will i fail for it or just lose some marks? any advice would be good?


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so did you use a coupling? Using a coupling only loses one mark, its better do put a coupling in and sacrifice a mark than risk the back to back bend and mess up the whole tube.

So if you just used a coupling and did it in 2 peices, don't worry at all.

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