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Countdown To Christmas!


Big HELLO!!!

Robin Spark

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Robin Spark

Hello to everyone on the forum, seems a nice place to be after looking at some of the posts on here and looking forward to having some sensible, knowledgable and humorous conversations!

At present I have 2330 Level 2 and 3, 17th edition and about 3 years sporadic part time experience in domestic and some small commercial works. Original idea back in 2006 was to become full time self employed sparky as career change from sales and office type work, but wanted to get quals and some experience first as didnt want to become 5 day wonder spark!

Now feel a bit stuck as I am building experience and tools up, however feel bit reluctant to give up my permanent job at the moment with how economy is at present.

If you want, come say hello and I will get you a drink, btw Guinness definately my favourite tippleGuiness DrinkGuiness Drink

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Hello Mate,

Welcome to the forum - Good to have you on-board!

Mine's a pint of Worthy Please? :P


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Hello and welcome :D

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Robin Spark

Thanks all for the welcome:D

Thought of name as in Fluke/ Robin test gear as thats what I use at present.

But no, i have never ripped off or robbed a customer as I am too conscientious for that and its not really good start to a business.

However, my experience so far has shown that the ordinary working class customer that I have provided services for so far always seem willing and no quibbles to when payment comes, whereas some of the wealthier ones aren't so forthcoming with the dosh!

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