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TEF Forum Spark of the Year 2011

Who is your TEF Forum Spark of the Year 2011?  

  1. 1. Who is your TEF Forum Spark of the Year 2011?

    • Special Location
    • KME
    • Evans Electric
    • Steptoe
    • Rev James
    • Admin
    • Manator
    • Sidewinder
    • Andy TM
    • Other (must specify)

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I think Admin is worried that he will have to pay the postage costs if he takes it off you, then pay to post half of it back again,

plus of course pay to post it to me to cut it in half, then pay me to post it to ProDave to have it cut properly, then pay both of us for our time and probably about 23 new blades,

then get it posted back, then post it out to you and SW,

my oh my,

this is one expensive trophy,

what ***>>> IDIOT ever thought of this idea!?!?!?!?

tell you what SL, why dont you just e.mail SW a picture of it and swear blind its not a real trophy anyway, its just a virtual one.?!

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