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Temporary Supply For New Build


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Hi all,

I've been asked to put in a temporary supply for a new build but the house hasn't been started yet, just the groundworks have been done.


Any suggestions as to what I should provide?



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Evans Electric

Where is the supply coming from  ?     A nearby property  or off the network ? 


The usual way is for the builder to knock up a weatherproof enclosure and you shove your electrics in it  .

PME not permitted on a building site  by the way .    So a few sockets , RCD back up , the rest is up to the builder to plug his 110v in 

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Cheers mate


That's what i thought. The electricity board are putting a new supply in. I was going to install an RCD protected board supplying a couple of sockets supplied from a 32A MCB in 4mm cable.

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I have a few standard set ups

Piece of plywood

6 way unit

4 double sockets off individual,RCBOs

1x 16a off an RCBO

1 x 32A. Ditto

100A REC2

LUCY blocks

25 tails

Earth bar

Never failed me yet

Just saying

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It's easy to do, BUT you need a bit of thought and in particular think about the eventual situation you are aiming for.


And this starts right at the point of getting a quote for the new electricity connection.


You want to make it clear you want a "building supply" right from the start.


Then you have to provide a waterproof enclosure for the electricity company to fit the supply head and meter into.  you can usually then fit in there a mini CU with RCD to feed a couple of sockets for site work, as already mentioned TT'd.


Now then. later on when the house is built you will need the supply moved over into the new house.


If you have done it properly and ordered it as a "building supply" then that should already have included the cost of moving the supply over to the house when you are ready.


The DNO here (SSE) are usually pretty good at free issuing a length of concentric incomer so you can feed that out of the house, and do the trenching ready for the DNO to come and joint it when ready to change over.


There is an alternative that I am doing and that is my supply in an outside meter box is staying there permanently, and i just have a submain from that to the house.

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Evans Electric

A word of advice , fit your sockets adjacent to the board , then the responsibility for stringing cables over the site is down to the builder not you .  

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