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hi my name is fatih! just finished my level 2 electrical installations course plus 17th editoin. just need some advice? do i need to get cscs card or ECS card?to get cscs card what type of exam i need to do go on site?to get ECS card what do i need to do? i have looked the website and dıdınt understand anything at all! to get ECS card do i need to do another H&S exam or do u just apply and send them your qualifications andthen they send you the card ? any help would be appreciated! 
Thank you 

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Welcome to the forum.


You need the ECS card - i say need, but you only 'need' it to work on sites that require it. You can still do electrical installation work for a mate or as an employee on domestic properties. 


You need to do the ECS Health and Safety assessment before you apply for the card, these are only done at set locations on set dates so you need to apply on the website.


Once you've done it and passed it you can apply for the card. What type of card are you going for / needing ? Because you will not get the gold electricians card with the qualifications you own.

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thank you very much
this is where im stuch cuz i dont know what card i can get! i have asked someone about it and they told me i can get ECS card as an self imployed but when i called ECS people they told me i cant get it without employer so im really stuch and confused! someone may give me job and told me to get CSCS card so i can go on side so basically can i get CSCS card and go on site to get an experience andthen apply for ECS card?

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