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7 hours ago, phil d said:

, is this some kind of new scam

No, just incompetence 

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10 hours ago, phil d said:


Regarding unswitched sockets, I recently saw another EICR which had listed unswitched sockets as non compliant, which strikes me as a little odd because I distinctly remember reading something a bit back about isolation and iirc up to 16A you could simply pull the plug, is this some kind of new scam I wonder because I can think of a number of situations where an unswitched socket would be preferable to a switched one, freezers for example.


People are just used to sockets with a switch, so unswitched sockets just confuses them :shakehead


For freezers / fridges and the like, I woud totally agree an unswitched socket is preferrable, and still legal. 

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