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Please help (us sleep).  I have a Pyronix RINS1548-4 system with a triangular (company badged) external siren.  I have having a low battery warning alarm, typically nightly around 4am which sends people into panic incl the neighbours no doubt.  I assume there is no way to get a gentle beep as a low battery warning.....  But the questions are

- does anyone know how to get the cover off the triangular external alarm?  There's no screws and no manual. 

- do you have to 'neutralise' the alarm before the battery swap?  Instructions useful as they're not in the manual

- is there anyway to disable the whole system so we can get a good nights sleep

The original installer are really poor.  Little to know help.  I have called a local security company, but await them turning up.  But at the end of the day it's a battery swap.  How difficult can it be?

Any advice appreciated.

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Doc Hudson

Well I personally have no direct knowledge or experience of this particular product, but from their website, I am guessing your sounder is one of these:

https://www.pyronix.com/uk/products/category/sounders-bells  which possibly needs one of these batteries,  https://www.pyronix.com/uk/products/deltabell-we-batteries-batt-es1-battcr34615d

But I get the impression you may not be able to purchase on yourself unless you are a registered installed on their database. Also you may need an engineers code after opening up any covers, others may be able to clarify better. 


Doc H.

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