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bonding, New CU



Hi chaps

A client has asked me to fit a new CU It wasn't convenient at that moment to have the power off for IR check on existing wiring so I checked the loops on the rings - so far so good. Methinks I'll just have a look at the bonding while I'm here.

the water enters the house behind some pine paneling which then has the sink unit built on in front. I looked in the cupboard underneath where I found a hole, big enough to put your hand in to work the stopcock - no way I could see anything. I then took wander lead from the stopcock to the MET and got a reading of 0.03 ohms

I got the same reading from the metal casing of the boiler although there is no bonding on the incoming oil.

Do I need to take the sink unit out and take off the panneling to get a 10mm

earth to the source of Oil and water.

or is there any leeway in the regs?

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Well since they are 35mm or less then the main bonds should be 10mm.

I had a similar problem and had to run a 10mm bond inside some d-line trunking around the kitchen, over a door frame, into a cupboard and though a toilet and the hole for the stop cock was almost as large as my hand so that was "fun" getting the clamp on that.


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I think this thread should be in Q & A

Can I move it?

No - but it appears Admin or a Mod has :D

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Lifted some floorboard and found two 6mm earths - one heding toward the water and one toward the boiler.

as I said before, there is no bond on the incoming oil but reading from boiler casing back to MET is 0.03Ohms. So do I have to run a new 10mm to the incoming oil?

any advice always welcome

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