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Well ..I'm Duane 
I'm typing how I would speak to a person, as I am Dyslexic (Reading and Writing)

So reading wise, there is some words that I don't see that much so it takes me a bit of time to trigger in my mind.

Writing, is a un logical to me, how to set things out,how to spell things,and having a accent also dosnt help.


So Far Ive done City and Guilds 2330 Level 2, City and Guilds 2330 Level 3, City and Guilds 2377, Logic Certification Initial Verification Level 3 (C&G2394) and EAL Periodic Inspection Level 3 (C&G2395) <NB EAL/Logic Cerf exams were open book> 


I figured with the pass rate of 40% for the 2391 and didnt look that much better for the 2394/5,that a Dyslexic like me wouldnt hold much odds with that 2/5, so went for a easier option.


Tho i passed these course there is a NEW Form3 Schedule of Inspection. I did have a Nice Guild to, with "Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations" by Christopher Kitcher (Good book for people doing Level 3 Installations/Testing) 

So i got to find a new Guild, as Plain English as it is, it isnt plain enough for me.


I have noticed a lot of the Points are same to the old one and i just need to marry them up.


1.5 Condition of metering equipment 

So most would be a tick for this as they are normally ok, but on a submain it would be NA wouldnt it. Or would it be a case I would go and find the meter and check.

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just add that i did my 17th Edition in 2013 as a add on for when i finished the 2330 
then i did pat testing while i was waiting for my college to do 2394/5 (never got their act together so i had to go else were)

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